"I would say that sleeping better was a good benefactor to cleaning up my diet."



"I found that counting calories gave me a false sense of what I needed to do to lose weight. Turning my focus to balancing macro nutrient intake, however, proved more beneficial. Measuring calories without understanding the body's need for the specific types of food lead to unnecessary craving. On the other hand providing the body with essential varieties of food that contained the right nutritional values satisfied my hunger and for the most part curbed my urges to over-eat" 

"I have lost slightly more than 10 lbs since January 1, 2017" 



"McKenzie is very thoughtful and dedicated, which I believe are amazing and important qualities for a nutritionist to have... especially given that the 'journey' can be very confusing and unpromising at times. She's very attentive to my progress and easily accessible to answer any questions or brainstorm on challenges or issues I'm having. Above all a motivating force to drive results!"



"I did notice that overall I was sleeping better and had better energy throughout the day…..both of which I credit to the increase in carbs. Basically my daily carb intake almost doubled while protein and fat intake decreased."

Eventually I began "noticing better muscle definition."

"I crave carbs so I also liked that I was able to eat foods like rice and bread without feeling guilty. I also found that weighing my food has been helpful for me to maintain dietary discipline."