Nutritional Services

Nutrition: in person or distance


Initial Consultation $29

15-minute initial phone, Skype, or office consultation to discuss needs and goals; determine a plan of action.


Nutrition Consultation $59

Half hour nutrition counseling session to discuss overall nutrition, determine barriers, set goals, and answer nutrition questions.

Popular topics: weight management, heart health, diabetes, sports, weight loss, general health


Flexible Dieting Plan $99

Includes assessment and individualized nutrition plan consisting of recommended total daily macronutrients and breakdown per meal based on current lifestyle and goals.

Includes information on what macronutrients are and how to track them, a list of helpful tracking apps, and a list of common foods with their macro breakdown.


One Month Nutrition $199

Includes flexible dieting plan plus two counseling sessions.

Upon signing up, there will be an initial session to collect information for an assessment and establish goals. Your next session is to meet and discuss your individualized plan, and there will be a follow up meeting to discuss progress.


Monthly Nutrition $99

Each month following the initial first month of nutrition includes 2 follow-up sessions plus support.


Three Months Nutrition $350

Includes initial one-month nutrition, as listed above, plus 2 follow up sessions per month for the remaining two months.


7-Day Personalized Menu (with flexible dieting plan) $299

($398 with one month nutrition)

Having trouble with meal prep? Want help to create balanced, portioned meals appropriate for you and your goals? Or are you simply just bored with the same food choices and would like to switch it up? The 7-day menu is personalized to you and your needs and goes along with your flexible dieting plan. It is 100% geared to your goals and nutrition needs. The menu will be different every day, with no meal the same. It will be based around your schedule, workouts, lifestyle, and food preferences, and it will include all food groups with a variety of tasty, nutritious meals that fit your specific macronutrient needs.


Food Log Analysis $30

Includes an analysis of your current diet with recommendations of how to improve your diet for optimal nutrition.

Are you curious if you are eating a good balance of macronutrients (carbs, fats, and protein) and meeting your nutrient needs? Concerned about your sodium, calcium, or fiber intake? Wondering if you are eating enough protein? Try a food log analysis and see.


Recipe book $25

Nutritious and Delicious recipe book includes a variety of types of foods and their macronutrient breakdown, including healthy desserts that do not taste healthy! Reach your goals and optimize your nutrition one tasty meal at a time.