What is Intuitive Eating and How Can I Practice it?

Intuitive eating is an approach to eating with which we are all born. It is listening to the body's natural hunger signs and eating when one is hungry and stopping when satisfied. As we get older and develop certain eating habits and behaviors, we tend to eat for many other reasons besides hunger, including boredom, celebrations, food cravings, etc. Furthermore, many people are eating on the go or with other distractions occurring. Sitting down while eating is a strategy used to learn intuitive and mindful eating.


When a person sits down while eating, he or she is more conscious and is better able to pay attention to the whole process. Although life can get busy and sometimes it is necessary to grab something quick "to-go", sitting down and mindfully engaging in the meal, such as paying attention to the flavor and texture of the food as well as putting the fork down between bites and feeling the sensation of satiety, can be a helpful tip for anyone to try.