How to Promote that Feeling of Satiety

Do you feel like you are constantly grazing throughout the day or never quite feeling full? Does it seem like you keep eating without ever feeling satisfied? First off, it is important to pinpoint the reasoning. Many times, non-stop eating may be related to boredom, stress, low energy, or maybe even thirst. If that is the cause, try eating on a schedule. Try eating every 3-5 hours and get your body accustomed to a pattern. Although food should be enjoyed and is incorporated into many different parts of our lives, the primary reason is to fuel the body. Be mindful of whether you are eating out of actual hunger or if there is another trigger causing the constant snacking.

         On another note, if the constant eating is due to hunger, be sure to incorporate volumetric foods into meals, such as fruits and vegetables, which are low in calories while containing many healthful nutrients. Try to incorporate foods high in fiber into meals to help add to a feeling of fullness. Furthermore, since protein is the most satiating nutrient, making sure each meal contains protein will promote that feeling of satisfaction after eating.

         To recap, to help promote a feeling of satiety after eating, make sure to consume a balanced meal containing both complex carbohydrates and protein and maybe some heart healthy fats. Fiber also promotes a feeling of fullness, especially the roughage from foods like raw leafy vegetables. Adding fibrous foods like vegetables, whole grains, and legumes will lead to a feeling of satiety.